Vinod Joshi – Managing Director

Ceo Message

I’ve always believed that the ability to transform their “Vision into reality” is what separates the leaders from the followers. My area of expertise lies in innovating Sales and Marketing strategies, HR, Training and People Management.

A cumulative experience of over two decades gives me the eagle eye to accurately diagnose the pain-points of any company or organization. A practical, aggressive approach means I instigate action and go beyond the routine “Motivator-Guru” tag. I believe tags more often than not instill a false feeling of forward movement in the management.

Competition rules our lives. It casts a large shadow on businesses -small and big. Very early in my career I realized that most businesses suffered in spite of their inherent potential. Consultancy was the need of the hour and there wouldn’t have been a better time to offer my services especially to the FMB’s and SEM’s.

Training Workshops

Across sectors, I design and develop training modules and conduct necessary training programs to give SME and FMB a vertical leap. My tryst with shaping careers at all stages has meant much to me even at a personal level. For the last 7 years I am regular faculty at the illustrious Ahmedabad Management Association. My lecture series “Be a Sales Champion” at the Institute has struck the right chord with all. Middle and Upper Ladder, The Sales hierarchy, CEO and other top management cadre of various organizations love interacting with me. College Students, Proprietors, FMB and SEM business are amongst my array of students at the venue. My insightful offerings go a long way in offering solutions to many of their queries. It also instills in them the drive to rise to their potential

I’ve trained over 15000 managers and executives on an array of subjects under the umbrella of man-management. Steering your business to a friction-less working environment is what comes to me with practiced ease.

Jalpesh Joshi

Ceo Message

With a progressive vision coupled with an elevated mind-set I’m responsible for steering the Digital Marketing initiative of the company. Armed with an MBA I’ve honed my skills working with a leading Indian, Advertising and Digital Enterprise for 2 years. My 2 years at SSMC have offered me a panoramic view of the business and help me iron out pathways and growth concepts for our clients. I’m of the firm belief that Digital Media is the way ahead.Digital promotions offer conclusive studies and stay within the control of the advertiser giving it a whole new dimension.

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