Business Consultancy

At SSMC, Business Consultancy is the pivot. We offer a slew of customized solutions across sectors through our deep understanding of businesses and their everyday operations. Our conceptual thinking helps companies show a marked improvement in efficiency and performance. Nourishing businesses .

by playing our part in helping business owners fathom their current situation and demonstrating the way ahead is what we do best.

Our tryst with business consultancy began in 1994. Getting to the bottom of business problems and unraveling cryptic botherations to open the doors for progress gives us immense satisfaction. Broadening your vision is the wind beneath our wings and all our actions. It is indeed our clear vision that propels us at all times.

Clear Hurdles . Spot Opportunities

We take time in understanding your business by requisitioning all available data at our fingertips. People to people contact in our books is a pre-requisite for any level of organizational success. Meeting the Promoters, Employees, Visiting workshops goes a long way in cutting ice and often lends telling breakthroughs that change the fortunes of a business. It is always time well spent and is often the pathway to spot the exact point at issue in your case. The problem areas that often could be emanating from Ownership and Top Management, to any of the areas listed above. We spot growth opportunities while troubleshooting problems at all levels in the organization. This collaborative endeavor then readies us to put our energies into executing the plans agreed upon.

Family Managed Business (FMB)

Family Managed Business (FMB), the most prominent Indian Business Model comes with its own set of problems. Some of the most common ills that affect a FMB include Tunnel vision, Role Confusion, Lack of written strategy, Succession issues, Business valuation, No Exit strategy, Difference in Vision. These serious problems have often dealt a crippling blow to long running businesses often enforcing business closure. Our expertise in handling the dilemmas in such cases draws a new, agreeable passageway for all concerned. It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that infusing FMB’s with a new lease of life is our forte.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

With over 30 million SME Units in India there is a tremendous growth potential in need of proper nurture. The Small and Medium Scale Industries (SEM’S) are hounded by a set of crushing problems. These include Low production, Lack of Banking Finance, Expansion problems, Lack of skilled labor due to cost constraints, Dearth of suitable technology, Limited capital and others. Our capability to trouble-shoot these and many other problems in the SME sector has been acknowledged over the years.

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