Vadilal Ice Cream

The Challenge

One of the leading Indian brands in the Ice Cream Industry, Vadilal, was somehow at a loss to explain their performance shortfall. Among the pressing issues at hand was the fact that the unit was confronting a severe paucity in the area of brand ownership. Things had reached a stage where a sea change was needed in approach and attitude.

Our Approach
  • We introduced the aggressive mission “Halla Bol”.

  • The mission meant that the team of 375 took an oath that they would help the company reach the seemingly fanciful figure of 750 Crore INR in the following three years


    What was initially thought of as a pipe dream came true with perfect implementation. The brand caught on and attained all their targets with their newly introduced indefatigable approach to the business.


The Challenge

One of the leading names in the business of cable management with a global presence was mired by limited vision that had stunted its growth. The enterprise was pulling short on processes and people.

Our Approach
  • A broader vision is what we inducted in the top management and the core team through prudent counseling.
  • Built a throbbing Domestic and International marketing team while setting up a well organized global channel network.
  • Adding to their product range also made the Gala presence ubiquitous.
  • A strong second line of management to strengthen the company was also put into place for a nonpareil harvest.
  • Gala is now exporting their products to over 101 countries.
  • It has catapulted to number 5 in the list of Global enterprises of its kind.
  • From 1 manufacturing unit Gala today boasts of 4 manufacturing units.


The Challenge

A number of intricate issues gripped the company in the making of cutting tools. Management Issues, Sales problems, Overdependence on Principal manufacturing company and a faint vision for the future were dragging the ace manufacturers to a point of no return.

Our Approach

Implemented the structured way and communication system in the top management For the sales team we created a competitive environment thus helping the group attain outstanding competence levels
Set clearly defined goals for all the employees.

We also managed to successfully override the manufacturing company bottlenecks providing a friendly working atmosphere Drew a 3 year sequential plan with goals for every stage

  • Created an indelible image of the Xceed Group in the mind of internal and external customers.
  • People are more effective and result oriented.
  • Started own brand and had able to increase the market share without losing principal companies share.
  • More focused oriented approach of the top management.

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