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About Us

Our Physiology

Skilled management and Marketing Navigators For over a decade of frenetic activity we have helped businesses thrive. Our bespoke, superbly crafted and innovative business consultancy solutions and training programs unclog the yet hidden pathways for the most advantageous business performance at all times. We become your light to see by Path-breaking knowledge sessions A twenty minute one-n-one session with us will change the way you’ve been thinking about your business. Cosmetic change hardly matters in the long run. What matters is altering the status quo.

What we do

Business Consultancy

Organizational Makeover

Being dynamic entities organizations need to run smoothly. Here’s where SSMC plays a starring role.

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Human Resource Optimization

A wrong man in the right job is recipe for chaos. The scenario is rampant especially in FMB and SME’s.

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Sales & Business Development

Product positioning is the key in today’s growing market scenario. Without the right platform/s a product will fail in its objective.

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Training & Development

The program helps in overall personality development. Our specialized modules are much sought after and have helped.

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Company Transformation

Businesses change; in tandem with which the path to business excellence changes. For sustained excellence

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Sales & Distribution

An ordinary product pitched perfectly is more likely to do better than a premium product with a slack representation.

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Attaining Business Goals

As a business leader you’ve to be on the top of your game. Every decision matters. As you start your business everything.

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Triggering Sales / Marketing

Triggering the Sales and Marketing Team Motivation it is that prevails over talent in every arena of life- more so in Sales.

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Our Team of Experts

Vinod Joshi

Jalpesh Joshi



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